About Mary Byerly

Yoga Instructor and Teacher Trainer

“Wise, Qualified, Authentic, Intelligent….she brings me always right to my center and heart.”



A Word From Mary Byerly

I have been gifted to have been the student of amazing teachers. Those who taught me specific skills for specific results as well as the art of presence to be within the beauty of the moment, whether I was going for a layup, writing an essay, acting on stage, playing a solo, conducting a meeting, facilitating agreements, connecting with someone who could not communicate with words or move much of their body, researching how our brain is affected by our emotions, or finding the best expression of triangle pose for the person who had recovered from a broken back. And in all of these different times of my life, one of the vitally important things I learned is presence.

At times, when my schedule gets hectic, I can feel my soul calling to me: “Pssst, Mary. Come on, I’m waiting for you.” She is that part of me where love resides, and I am in love with her. When we are connected, I am a better version of me all around. Better friend, better business owner, and better teacher. I cannot teach what I do not embody. Just doesn’t work anymore. Sure, I could fake it, yet it just no longer feeds my soul. She runs away when I do that, and its just not worth it. So each day, I go to our meeting place. I have prepared myself carefully, cleaned out the space, and then I sit down and call to her. The most precious time of day.

This is why I have continued to practice and teach yoga for all these years – this connection with the deeper layers of my being, this ability to be present for myself and evveryone else around me.  Yoga, in all its limbs, can only help you become more mindful and aware of all of your life, especially the inner landscape.

Life is short and I am not claiming to be the one who knows all or is the “ultra-spiritual” (love J.P. Sears) one.  I am the best me I am,  and continue to learn and grow daily.  I am passionate about how yoga can bring about all kinds of positive change and growth for everyone, and love to share this with others.  I am not Indian, I am not a follower of the Hindu religion, and I do not have a Sanskrit name that has been given to me.  I do believe that it is importat to know where the teachings of yoga have come from and to make sense of what of it I can use in my life, and I share this knowledge with my students.  I am not a guru, I am a teacher.  I am here to help my students find that inner guru, so that they  will have the discrimination to take in what makes sense for them, and to say no thank you to that which doesn’t serve them.  I do not want blind followers.  I am looking for students who are ready to take responsibility for their life, their practice, and to hopefully also contribute to raising the consciousness of the world a little bit through their own dedication and actions.  If you are ready for this kind of yoga, let me know.    



Mary is a wise teacher with a wealth of inspiration and knowledge, and because of that she is able to encourage and teach us how to find that very same wise teacher within ourselves.



Mary Byerly has been practicing yoga for over 25 years, and has been teaching for 15 years. She is an E-RYT 500 hour registered teacher with Yoga Alliance, having studied with master teachers from the Iyengar and Tantra/Hatha lineages. Mary has continued her education through workshops with her main teachers, classes from instructors of various styles, as well as in-depth study of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and bio-mechanics.

Mary’s teaching is firmly grounded in the classical traditions of hatha yoga; her approach – honed over years of leading small classes, workshops, retreats, and teacher-trainings to a wide variety of practitioners – incorporates a thorough knowledge of anatomy with a deep intuition about what can best serve each student at any given moment. She uses the vast array of techniques in the yoga toolbox: asana, pranayama, kriya, mantra, mudra, bandha, yoga nidra, and meditation.

Emphasizing individualized alignment and a balance of strength with flexibility, she encourages her students to breathe deeply and to connect with their inner teacher, to open up to the wisdom and peace of the heart. Whether helping a newer student learn the body mechanics of poses or guiding a long time practitioner to find a deeper level, Mary’s expertise enlightens the practice.

Come and learn how “Mary embodies the essence of yoga”.

Namaste Mary Byerly yoga instructor

Mary Byerly is the most inspired and passionate Yoga teachers I have ever met and she is genuinely devoted in passing on her knowledge to Yogis. She gave us a strong method as well as tons of useful pieces of advice on how to teach Yoga but more than that she helped us to teach with love and wisdom. Workshops, self-practice, theory, books and videos, Mary provided us with a large panel of resources and a broad vision of Yoga, selecting different approaches for us to discover. Paying particular attention to injuries or simply to physical differences and diversity of abilities within people, Mary is very careful of developing teachings adapted to each person. If you have a strong desire to learn how to teach yoga with inspiration and to dig into an inward journey, this teacher training has been made for you and it will help to discover what you are all about!



Ten things most people dont know about me:

1. I went to a Dutch Kindergarten
2. I am good at operating a forklift
3. I used to play in amateur billiards tournaments
4. I am a hopeless romantic
5. I was a professional musician
6. I played Carnegie Hall once and in a mariachi band for a year
7. I was accepted into the Air Force Academy and West Point (but chose not to go)
8. I think dark chocolate deserves its own food group
9. I love Shakespeare
10. My favorite Saturday afternoon activity: Chill time in my hammock with my ukelele!