200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification

August 2-22, 2021
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Bring your practice to a new depth in asana, pranayama, and meditation. Gain the skills, knowledge and practical experience to safely share this ancient tradition in modern ways and adapt to the needs of diverse students.
Mary Byerly Yoga - Home Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

With the current global pandemic, Costa Rica has closed its borders, and is prohibiting any group activities at this time.  While it is not possible for you to travel here, now is the exact right time to take a journey of personal transformation from the comfort and security of your home.  Join us to experience hatha yoga as an embodied path of healing and growth, connect with your true nature, and immerse yourself in the best blend of ancient and modern yogic techniques.

This online training will be held live, via Zoom.  Though you will be in your home, you will not be alone – you will have the benefit of our online community throughout the training.  There will be no pre-recorded discussions or classes. Your main teacher, Mary, will be with you every step of the way to assure that your experience is as close to an in-person training as possible, and that you gain the information you desire. In the space of our community, you will dive deep into asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, functional movement, teaching skills, and how to develop inspirational classes.  You will discuss, practice, study, digest, and connect with your fellow students and teachers.  We will do all classes live to allow for the ebb and flow that is unique to each group, so that you leave this training confident in your skills and knowledge to continue on your path. 

I am excited to be joined in this training by two fabulous assistants:

Aurika Whitaker, RYT 200

Prepare to go inward and activate your awareness. Recently trained by Mary Byerly, Auri brings unbridled enthusiasm as she applies Hatha/Vinyasa/Tantra yoga principles to facilitate a full-body healing experience. Balancing ease and effort, she works to activate her students’ inner creative warrior and help reconnect them with their inner knowing— all while building heat and having fun! She prioritizes breathwork and will leave you with strategies for coping with stress, anxiety, fear. Prepare to have the auric experience – aura cleansing, loving kindness, tapping in and letting go.

Cristyna Deas, RYT 200

Cris was first introduced to yoga 10 years ago and began teaching in 2019, after graduating from Mary’s 200hr YTT program. Cris’ teaching is rooted in the Hatha yoga tradition with a focus on slow, mindful movement, pranayama, and creative transitions. You will leave her class feeling grounded, and connected to mind, body, breath, and spirit. With the use of props and modifications, Cris reminds her students that yoga is meant for every body and everybody. “You do not have to be anyone other than who you are, right now, in this moment.”



  • Classes held Monday through Friday, 9 total hours of in class daily with breaks for breakfast and lunch
  • Daily yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation practices
  • Comprehensive review of history and philosophy of yoga and how to apply within your life in a way that honors yoga’s roots
  • Exploration of ethics, diversity, and how to create safe yoga spaces
  • Functional anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics
  • Verbal cueing, demonstration, modification, and adjustments
  • Instruction on how to teach in-person and virtually
  • The art of Vinyasa Krama, intelligent sequencing
  • Daily teaching practice with feedback
  • Intensive training with small cohort group – no more than 12 people
  • Mentoring and private meetings with trainers for support
  • 170 live contact hours
  • Online sessions daily from 6am – 5:30pm at Costa Rica time zone (UTC -6)*
  • Daily assignments for journaling and development of yoga classes

*If the majority of students are from a vastly different time zone, the training hours may be adjusted.



Mary’s approach to the science and art of yoga is grounded in teachings that have been around for thousands of years, from the Tantrik and Hatha lineages.  You will be taught techniques and practices from these lineages to deepen your knowledge and abilities. It is not necessary that you have the desire to teach others, although that is what you will be qualified to do at the completion of the training.

You will learn the basic and some of the advanced asanas, and how to teach them safely and effectively to a wide range of students. You will practice and learn how to incorporate the other important limbs of yoga: pranayama, meditation, as well as bandhas, mudras, and kriyas. You will use these yogic tools to find the greatest guru of all: your inner one. Through the Panacea yoga teacher training program, you will find the voice of your authentic inner teacher, allowing you to then share your knowledge in meaningful ways out in the world.


Who is a best fit for this training?

I have a requirement that you have consistently practiced yoga for at least a year.  If you are still early on in your exploration of your body/mind and spirit through your practice, you would get overwhelmed coming into this teacher training.  Take the time to be established in a regular physical practice of the postures, the style of which does not matter.  You should be familiar with the common asanas, and be practicing 2-3 times a week at minimum.

You should also be at a stage where you feel like you want to deepen your understanding of yoga itself –you are curious about how it may contribute to you leading a better life, whether it be on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. You may have noticed how much better you feel after your practice, and are curious as to why this is, and what more there is to it.  You may know other people who have felt as though yoga helped them through some big life changes, and want to have the same support in your life.  You are ready for some tools to help you connect with your inner strength and wisdom, whether you call it your soul or spirit, or something else.  You want a way to engage the best you can be for bettering your life and those around you.

You are ready to dive deep into the study of yoga, and leave the rest of your life behind for a few weeks.  You want to learn how to listen well to yourself and to others, to get beyond the surface to find your truth.  You are willing to be open to new ways of moving, thinking, and sharing in a small group of like-minded people.  You are ready to sweat, laugh, cry, and grow. 


Pre-Application Requirements

Participants must have practiced yoga consistently for one year, and have a laptop or tablet, a good internet connection, and Zoom downloaded. You will also need to have your yoga mat, blankets, strap, blocks, a set of resistance bands, and an area in your home where you will be able to be seen clearly during classes and lectures. Some classes will also require you to have a clear wall space that you can use.  You will need a notebook, journal, and the required texts (the list of these will be sent to you once you have been accepted into the program).



Students who complete this training are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®).  Yoga Alliance has granted this exception to our school as Costa Rica does not plan to allow any group physical gatherings to begin again until sometime after the beginning of September.  You will need to complete all course requirements (attendance and participation in all sessions, complete all quizzes, and written assignments) to be eligible for certification.


How The Training Works

The training will take place over Zoom.  There will be online sessions for 9 hours daily.  You will be given the log in information the day before the training. There will be a short online opening circle and introductions before training begins the morning of November 2nd.  The training will end with a closing circle and celebration on Friday, November 27th.


Contact Hours

Total contact hours are 170 hours, which consists of 8-9 hours per day for 20 days.

Non-Contact Hours

Around 30 hours are dedicated to reading and an assignment prior to the training, along with evening reading, assignments, and journaling during the training.


Daily Schedule (UTC -6)

  • 06:00 – 09:00 Morning Practice
  • 09:00 – 10:00 Breakfast break
  • 10:00 – 13:00 Lecture and discussion
  • 13:00 – 14:00 Lunch Break
  • 14:00—17:00 Practicum and Afternoon Practice

Personalized Instruction

The small group size of this training assures that each participant gets to be seen and heard.  You will receive personalized instruction to help your practices grow and learn how to teach in the best way for each student, and have all your questions answered. Private meetings with Mary and or one of the assistants will be available each week.  You will be supported to get the most out of this time! 

Other Requirements

When I hold this training at Panacea, I know that you will be staying on our mountain where we don’t have a lot of outside distraction (we have no tv’s, limited Wi-Fi, and have a small amount of people who can stay here).  We also have the added bonus of Chef Debbie on site, who provides delicious, fresh, organic, vegetarian meals and snacks.  As I can’t beam this environment into your home, I will ask you during our first gathering to commit to taking the best care of yourself that you can during our training. 

To support you in this, Debbie will be providing you with some ideas of how to manage a healthy meal plan during the training, how to make it simple and fresh, as well as sharing some of her recipes for vegetarian awesomeness.  This guide will be sent to you in the week before the training begins to help you prepare. 

It will also be beneficial for you to have a private space for your use during the days of the training.  Begin to look at how you can create a place in your home where you will have the minimum of distractions, particularly during our morning and afternoon practices. While you will be home, it is important to understand the intensity of the work you will be doing, and know that you can support yourself well during this time.  If you have any questions about this, please reach out to me.

These four weeks will fly by.  You will be amazed at how much you learn, and how much will change as you are immersed in this training.  And you will be both happy and sad when it ends.  While you will be excited to go and share what you have learned, part of you will always look back at this precious time with longing. You will miss the soul connections you form with others you meet here.  Know that I have private groups of my students where we can stay connected, and keep growing together.  You will also always have my support as you go back out into the world.  As you will see, I have on-going mentoring opportunities, and someday you may want to come down to Costa Rica to study in person, or become an assistant at another ytt!  The world needs the benefits of yoga right now. Come and bring yourself to the next level for yourself, and for those whose lives you will touch.

Certification Costs

Yoga Teacher Training: $1950

  • Deposit of $500 secures your registration
  • Costa Rica Nationals receive a 25% discount
  • Payment plans are available