200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification

February 6-27, & July 31-August 20, 2022
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Bring your practice to a new depth in asana, pranayama, and meditation. Gain the skills, knowledge and practical experience to safely share this ancient tradition in modern ways and adapt to the needs of diverse students.

Yoga Teacher Training

Transform your life and awaken your potential! This training, on a beautiful mountain full of Costa Rican nature, provides a safe space to go deep into asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, functional anatomy and biomechanics, modifications, adjusting, teaching skills, intelligent sequencing, and social justice. Experience yoga as an embodied path of releasing old patterns and understandings and learn how to live your best life. Through the immersion this course offers, you will connect to the teacher within you and feel your practice grow from the surface of your body to the depth of your soul. You will understand the honor of being the teacher, and see yourself become a confident guide for yourself and others.

The Panacea family surrounds us with love and support on this yogic journey. You will be nourished on all levels; with delicious, fresh, locally-sourced vegetarian food from our on-site chef, with amazing views of the Pacific ocean and valleys, with the comfort and simplicity of our design, with love from the crew of rescued animals, and you will be seen, heard, and guided well by a masterful teacher’s teacher. 

You will also put your knowledge into action in our local community, as this is an important aspect of the path of yoga. We have an ongoing relationship with the Ecodesi senior center, and a portion of your tuition is donated to this organization. As part of this training, you will also volunteer your new yoga skills by co-teaching at Ecodesi.

Yoga Teacher Training: $2050 
Room and Board:  $1775

Who is a best fit for this training?

I have a requirement that you have consistently practiced yoga for at least a year. If you are still early on in your exploration of your body/mind and spirit through your practice, you may get overwhelmed coming into this teacher training. Take the time to be established in a regular physical practice of the postures, the style of which does not matter. You should be familiar with the common asanas, and be practicing 2-3 times a week at minimum.

While it is a training where you will learn to teach, you don’t have to want to be a teacher.  About half of the students in our program don’t intend to teach:  they want to learn for themselves or perhaps a loved one.  The journey is a personal one, whether you want to teach or not.  You should also be at a stage where you feel like you want to deepen your understanding of yoga itself –you are curious about how it may contribute to you leading a better life, whether it be on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. You may have noticed how much better you feel after your practice, and are curious as to why this is, and what more there is to it. You may know other people who have felt as though yoga helped them through some big life changes, and want to have the same support in your life. You are ready for some tools to help you connect with your inner strength and wisdom, whether you call it your soul or spirit, or something else. You want a way to engage the best you can be for bettering your life and those around you.  You are ready to step into your power, even if it means a process of being cracked open and put back together again.

You are also someone who loves fresh air, simple comforts, the chance to be immersed in nature, and observe the natural rhythms of the sun rising and setting. You are ready to dive deep into the study of yoga, and leave the rest of your life behind for a few weeks. You want to learn how to listen well to yourself and to others, to get beyond the surface to find your Truth. You are willing to be open to new ways of moving, thinking, and sharing in a small group of like-minded people. You are ready to sweat, laugh, cry, and grow.


A Typical Day

We start our day with a 2-3 hour morning practice. You will have fresh fruit and a coffee maker in your cabina for before practice, and a full breakfast after.  The rest of the morning will be spent on what supports your understanding of yoga, from history and philosophy to how the body moves.  Enjoy lunch and the infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  The afternoons will mainly be spent in practical application of your new knowledge and practice teaching.  You will develop and teach a full class by the end of the training, along with co-teach in a small group at other times. You will also spend time each day learning different breathing and meditation techniques, and get to observe how you are changed as a result.  After dinner, you will have time to complete assigned reading, journal, reflect, and rest.

The days will fly by — you will be amazed at how much you learn, and how much will change as you are immersed for three weeks.  You will be both happy and sad when it ends. While excited to go and share what you have learned, part of you will always look back at this precious time with longing. You will miss the soul connections you form with others you meet here.  Come into the yoga bubble and see what happens! 

Covid-19 Protocols for In Person Yoga Teacher Training at Panacea

It is our hope that by the time of the February 2022 training, there may be less to be concerned about.  Yet, in wanting to maintain an environment that is as safe as possible for everyone, we have developed the following protocols:

We ask that each participant arrive on February 6th by the afternoon.  Each person entering Costa Rica will need to have an up to date health pass and proof of full vaccination or health insurance.  If you are from Costa Rica, you are responsible for having your own health insurance, whether through the government or private.  Everyone entering the training must have proof of full vaccination or a negative Covid test within 48 hours of February 6th.   

Our yoga rancho and the dining area are both spacious and open air, and our weather is nice enough that we are able to keep all windows in the cabinas open.  Again, I do hope that there will be less concern about infection by the time of this training.  In the meantime, here is what else we will do to keep everyone as safe as possible.  Each student will have their own set of props that will be used during the entirety of the training.  All props will be disinfected prior to the training, and a cleaning solution will be available for use during the training.  If you would prefer to use a disinfectant wipe for your props, we do suggest bringing this with you.  It will be the responsibility of each student to maintain their props during the training.  It is highly recommended that each student bring their own mat.  We have always supported good handwashing before practices and meals, and will continue this.  We will also have bottles of hand sanitizer available in the rancho and the dining room.

Our area of Costa Rica (the Guanacaste province) has had the lowest levels of Covid-19 infections in our country.  Those of us who live in this area attribute this to a number of factors:  we all live our lives in open air environments as we have lovely weather year round, we tend to be in close connection with nature, we have plenty of Vitamin D, we eat a lot of tropical fruits and a simple, nutritious diet, we stay physically active, and we believe in the Pura Vida attitude! 

If for any reason the government of Costa Rica determines it is necessary to shut down the borders before the training, payments will be refunded to you, minus any processing fees.  We do highly recommend that your travel insurance cover any necessary changes in this case.   

Based on best practices at the time of the training, we will have further protocols that we will be prepared to implement.    

Certification Costs

Yoga Teacher Training: $2050
Room and Board: $1575

  • Deposit of $500 secures your registration
  • Costa Rica Nationals receive a 25% discount
  • Payment plans are available