Mentorship Information

I am excited about the opportunity to help you grow your yoga teaching skills.  I bring to you over 30 years of teaching experience in different fields.  Since 2003, I have focused exclusively on teaching yoga as well as coaching others to teach and live a yogic life.  Whether it is supporting you in building your skills or in identifying exactly how you need to focus your time within the vast field of yoga, I am here to help you find your voice as a teacher.

Here are the areas in which we can work:


  • Postures
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Sequencing
  • Your Personal Practice
  • Blindspots


  • Functional Knowledge
  • Assessing
  • Applied Bio-mechanics
  • Working with injuries


  • Your Personal Practice
  • Growing Your Repertoire
  • How to include in Classes
  • Matching the Right Practice to the Student


  • Your Personal Practice
  • Understanding Different Methods
  • How to Include in Classes
  • Matching the Right Practice to the Student


  • Building Your Knowledge
  • Applying to Your Practice & Teaching
  • How to Include in Classes
  • Continued Education


  • Developing Your Code
  • Putting Into Action
  • Scope of Practice
  • Having a Circle of Support

Each person’s mentoring will look different. I base our work together on your goals and my assessment, and we then come to agreement on what we will focus on. Our work together will happen over Zoom or other video chat channels, unless you want to come to Costa Rica and work in person! The cost is the same: 

Rates:  $108 per 90 minute session

Graduates of the Panacea Yoga Teacher Trainings will receive a discounted rate of $75 per session.

Payment in advance for 3 sessions:  $250