Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

So it is just a few days until we go into 2020, the third decade of this 21st Century. Happy Holidays and Happy end of 2019! Whether you’re celebrating that you have made it through another year, or happy that your days are getting longer, the end of the year always seems to bring about a time of reflection. So here goes my:

Top 10 Things About 2019

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Our Panacea on the Road to Peru retreat was a hit. The synergy of the group, the wonderful guides, the magic of the land all brought it together in a packed and wonderful week. Now we are talking Tuscany for 2021!

Yoga Growth – I added another yoga teacher training to my schedule, which brought the opportunity for folks to come at different times of year, and plan to offer my first advanced, 300 hour teacher training in November, 2020. I have continued to study with meditation teachers, yoga philosophy teachers, and am taking courses on more bio-mechanics and yoga nidra. My evolution is weekly reflected in my teaching here at Panacea!

Animals – While we were incredibly sad to lose Jack so young, we were doubly blessed to welcome two more rescues, Ralph and Micah, to our home.

Environmental Health – We continue to be better stewards of this mountain, with better water management and lessening our carbon footprint. We work on planning our drives each week so that we do more things in less trips. I was pretty close to my goal of a plastic-free October, and will reduce my purchase of any plastic stuff in 2020.

Doing My Work – I dug into some of the darker corners of myself this past year… excavating things that no longer fit who I am. Am I done yet? Hell, no. I wrote in my journal this morning:  “I have to do my work.” Living my yoga is more meaningful than ever.

Building Community — Witnessing how divided the world is becoming, I look to stay centered and contribute to change locally. Instead of spending my time bickering about what I can’t change, I am using my energy to make a difference close to home.

Less Diversion — I  have watched less television, movies, Youtube, etc. in this past 6 months, and it feels great! I use the internet for work, but when it is time to relax, time with friends or in nature is recharging me in healthy ways.

Presence – This year I connected with a group weekly via zoom to practice meditation techniques. While I have had a meditation practice for years, going into new territory and having the support of a group has been amazing. I have felt a shift inside of me. It feels as though 2019 was constantly pushing me to expand in so many ways beyond what was comfortable and familiar, and I am excited to stay present for what 2020 will hold.

Reaching Out — I had the gift this year of someone who has taught me so much about reaching out into the world. Her name is Auri, and I know that you will someday all know her, as she is a bright star. She came through my ytt in exchange for helping me to up my marketing game. I have always known that I am here to teach, and that what I have to share is of value. Auri helped me understand that reaching out is an important part of my work, so that those who are ready can find me. You actually receiving this newsletter fairly regularly is part of that! 

Thank you for your continued support of me, and for doing your work. If you are looking for some inspiration heading into 2020, write out your own top 10 list. It will help you see what you did best this year and give you the energy to bring the best of you into 2020! Together, we can create positive change in our world.


With Love and sparkly holiday light,



Truly One of The Seven Wonders and Beyond!

Truly One of The Seven Wonders and Beyond!

Panacea Yoga - Machu Pichu

“What an incredible experience!” This was the phrase spoken by all 15 people at the end of each day of our Peru retreat.  It was a magical mystery tour and many of the mysteries were uncovered thanks to our amazing guides, pampa mesayoq (shaman), and healers.  From the opening circle and sound healing to the final OM at the retreat center, from the Sacred Valley to the majestic Machu Picchu, we all felt empowered, blessed, and enlightened by the ancient civilizations and the mark they left on the world.    

Days began with my yoga class tailored to the physical and spiritual path we were to embark on.  A yummy farm to table breakfast was prepared for us with love by Francesca.  We then took off to explore archaeological ruins, learn about Andean cosmology, and the Incan traditions.   

During the week, we visited a total of seven different archaeological sites of Incan times, including a picture perfect visit to Machu Picchu.  Of the three times I have been there, this, by far, was the best for viewing and capturing our visit there in photos.  We were gifted with the sight of a condor circling Huayna Picchu — which only added to our guide’s explanation of the significance of the condor to the Andean people.  Our guides:  Jesus, Rauol, and Carmen were excellent — bringing their knowledge forth and answering the numerous questions we had.  We also had the chance to visit the Paru Paru community who live up above the Sacred Valley.  They welcomed us with open arms, showing us their simple yet beautiful lifestyle.  We were humbled by their customs and genuine caring, and the sense of community they shared.  After demonstrating the process of shearing, washing, spinning, dying, and ultimately weaving the wool into gorgeous and colorful works of art, we appreciated even more how the skills that have been passed on from parents to children for so many generations continued to bring them a life that was truly in harmony rather than destroying the nature around them. 

At the end of the week, we all had time for spa treatments, and healing sessions with a Pampa Mesayoq, Don Isidro.  Our last day, he led us in a ceremony to help bless the land and mountain spirits in return for all the blessings we had received during our week.  This powerful ceremony still lives in my heart and has brought some insightful dreams in the nights since.

Going through significant changes in elevation, temperature, and weather, everyone found their personal journey, gracefully negotiating all challenges, and supporting each other along the way. 

We quickly went from new acquaintances to caring friends.  Jesus, our main guide, told us the first afternoon that the Andean philosophy was all about the heart.  We embraced and acted on that from day one and are already talking about coming together again for a Tuscany Retreat in 2021! 

I’m planning a workshop so I can reconnect with many of these folk and others next spring in NYC.  There are so many of us seeking to share informative and healing experiences these days, and I hope to create a gathering in the city that will be just as powerful as the ones in Peru.  If you weren’t able to be there on this retreat, I do hope that you can join me there. 

Subscribe to my newsletter if you haven’t yet to find out where and when the next event will be.  The calendar over the next year is filling with lots of good stuff–I hope to see you soon to experience the joy of community, the respect for mother earth, and a remembrance of how to live from the heart.


Love and light,